Biography Public Speaking


Proven leadership in dynamic, changing profession, leading organizations of 16K to over 30K people.  Rose to highest leadership level



Effective, efficient manager with solid administrative skills having managed large, multi-million dollar organizations, making tough prioritization decisions under constrained resource conditions while staying “people” focused.  Budgets for last three positions were $200M, $287M, and $880M, respectively.


Latin American Geo-Politico Issues 

Reported directly to the President and the Secretary of Defense, working with US Ambassadors in Latin America and the Caribbean and with other US government decision makers. Developed and conducted US foreign policy throughout the hemisphere.  Promoted American interests in Central and South America and the Caribbean during a fiscally and politically constrained time.  Forged regional partnerships focused on common goals between neighboring nations in the hemisphere.  Built relationships within the region that increased military cooperation both regionally and internationally


United States Government Interagency process

Skilled at maneuvering through the United States Interagency process successfully. Twenty years experience at all levels of the process including the highest levels of government, most recently as the Combatant Commander of the US Southern Command. Successful at maintaining and increasing Congressional and Department of Defense budget allocations while building further cooperation in an environment of scarce and diminishing resources.


Strategic planning 

Provided vision and strategic direction to and managed a planning process for three large and diverse organizations during the past nine years.


Change Agent

Built a multi-million dollar organization from the bottom up.  “Out of the box” thinker able to anticipate and execute change. One of Army’s key leaders in doctrinal, organizational and equipment transformation efforts. Chosen to lead development of Army’s first two revolutionary STRYKER brigade combat teamsQuick to see correlation between family well being and organizational well being.  Leader in instituting and institutionalizing family programming


Interpersonal and Communication Skills  

Excellent, experienced communicator.  Skilled at communicating ideas, vision and goals in print and in the television media as well as to live audiences, domestic and international. Proven ability to work closely, comfortably and effectively in a multicultural environment with people around the world, in the Far East, Europe and in our own hemisphere at the highest levels of government and private industry. 


Cultural Awareness 

Widely known and respected throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Well known for sensitivity and awareness of environmental and cultural issues. Established award winning environmental and cultural awareness programs in Hawaii and Washington State.  "Green Logging" program in Washington state the only one in DOD. Worked closely with environmental and ethnic groups, winning their trust, respect and cooperation.


Team Building

Reputation as a team player, collegial decision-maker and consensus builder.  Inclusive management style, able to work effectively with wide array of personalities, nationalities, and ethnic groups.


Partnership Building 

Established partnerships with Latin American decision makers, US ambassadors, US and Latin “influence drivers” including key members of the US Congress which improved understanding of complex regional issues and enhanced regional cooperation.  In disparate, culturally diverse locations, established partnerships both internationally as well as with state and local governments, school districts and military communities to enhance communication and cooperation towards achieving a common goal.  Award winning, enduring programs remain viable today.



Extensive experience in dealing comfortably with high-ranking dignitaries, foreign and domestic. For two plus years successfully articulated US security policy to Latin American presidents and other foreign senior military and civilian leadership.  Planned and executed a comprehensive two year process to negotiate a multimillion dollar housing project resulting in the largest privatization contract at that time for military housing.